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OnCommand 5.0 - Create reports from scratch using BIRT?

I really like the new reporting engine (based on BIRT) in OnCommand 5.0.  The fact that we can include graphs in the report is very nice.  However, I'd like to create my own reports, with my own graphs, rather than use the "canned" reports that come in OnCommand 5.0.  It is possible for a user to write their own BIRT reports and have them listed/shown in OnCommand 5.0?

For example, a customer wants to create an aggregate capacity report that has two graphs showing different information. You cannot modify the "canned" aggregate capacity report to achieve this.  Could we somehow create a file that the BIRT engine could load and show the custom report in OnCommand 5.0?


Re: OnCommand 5.0 - Create reports from scratch using BIRT?

Hi Reid,

     From your question what I understand is that you are looking for the designer capability of the BIRT report that would allow you to create a totally different report of yours.This is not available in OC 5.0, or for that matter even with OnCommand Reports.

What OC 5.0 allows  today is to filter, change the graph types, add regular expression, hide or add a new / compute column to an available detailed report and save it as custom report.

For an in-depth training take a look at the GSS course for Reporting with OnCommand 5.0




Re: OnCommand 5.0 - Create reports from scratch using BIRT?

Ok.  Thanks adai.  BTW, I have already watched the GSS course on Reporting with OnCOmmand 5.0 and I thought it was great.  Is this course is visible to partners and customers?  This would be a huge help to me if I could just point them to this brief and helpful course.

Re: OnCommand 5.0 - Create reports from scratch using BIRT?

It is available to partners, and yes thank you that is a fantastic bit of courseware!