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OnCommand 5 Host Package breaks SnapDrive 6.3 VMDKs?

The NOW site is down at the moment so I can't look through the documentation for the OnCommand Host Package, but after upgrading DFM 4.x and VSC 2.1 to OnCommand 5.0 and the Host Package (replaces VSC installation on vCenter) none of my SnapDrive 6.3 installations can recognize their VMDKs anymore. All LUN drives are still maintained, but all VMDKs had been removed from the Disks list. This breaks SMSQL functionality if you're using it to back up virtual SQL servers that are storing their data and logs on VMDKs instead of LUNs (which was supported with the previous configuration of SMSQL 5.1, SDW 6.3, and VSC 2.0.1+ and working flawlessly) since SnapDrive can no longer manage the VMDKs through the VSC.

According to this link: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=3012688

SnapDrive requires the storage controllers to be configured in the Backup and Recovery portion of the VSC. However, with OnCommand 5 that has been truncated to the Legacy Backup and Recovery section where only my vCenter server information is now listed. All of my backups are being handled through the Host plug-in / Protection Manager dataset policies now which is I assume the preferred way. Since there are no longer any storage controllers listed in the Legacy Backup and Recovery section, nor am I able to add them into there (the add button is greyed out), is SnapDrive 6.3 VMDK support not supported with OnCommand 5.0 + Host Package? Am I overlooking something?



OnCommand 5 Host Package breaks SnapDrive 6.3 VMDKs?


You need to reconfigure SDW on your host.

configure SMVI IP address and port number = 8053.

Restart the SDW.



OnCommand 5 Host Package breaks SnapDrive 6.3 VMDKs?

Thanks Nikhil. That was it. The updated port number is definitely a gotcha as well since the default port number for VSC 2.x was 8043.