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OnCommand Balance active directory

I have a question regarding how Balance does the user login authetication via the active directory.

I create a group call CI_OSR6_BalancePoint_Users_U in one of the ou in our APAC domain and added some users in that group.

But when I tried to lookup for those users in Balance, it's throwing me error that the user cannot be found.

Below are the Search Base DN and the login search attribute that I had look at. Does anybody have any experience doing this.

Search Bind DN


Search Base DN


Login Search Attribute


note** There is no problem with the server connection. In fact if I look up the sAMAccountName, there is no problem. The problem occur only when I tried to lookup for an user in a specify group.


Re: OnCommand Balance active directory

Hi Angt,

Did you ever get this sorted out?

I am having the same problem. I have tried pointing the Search Base DN to both an OU and a group and cannot get either to sync and allow logins to Balance.

Similar to you testing the connection works fine.


Re: OnCommand Balance active directory

Sorry Angt,

Ignore that last question. Mine is now working. Not quite sure what I've done differently but it has now decided to work....