OnCommand Not reporting hardware fault


Wondering if this is a configuration issue or a limitation of the software.

I have both OnCommand 5   and OnCommand System Manager 2.0  installed and running and as far as I was aware they were both running 100%.

In the last couple of days I have had a fault on one of our DS14 ATA shelves.

Errors are appearing on the console as

[XX-XXX: monitor.shelf.fault:CRITICAL]: Fault reported on disk storage shelf attached to channel 4c. Please check fans, power supplies, disks, and temperature sensors.critical

and  under Filer view - the status for the controller  shows a "Disk shelf fault"

Both OnCommand and System Manager show  the controllers as  "Green"  or  "Up".

So have I missed something in my configuration of both these new tools or  do they not report  "Hardware Faults"



Re: OnCommand Not reporting hardware fault

Hi Richard,

Can you check for the below event for the controller, whose disk shelf is failed.

dfm report view events <Controller Name>  and check for the event "enclosures-failed",

Also the controller will not be shown as down for the disk shelf failrues, but the status should be shown as Error.

Which ONTAP version you are running in the filer?


Re: OnCommand Not reporting hardware fault

Hi KJag,

dfm report view events  is only listing "information" events

Running ONTAP