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OnCommand Plugin not showing VOLUMES


we have installed and configured the ´OnCommand Clustered Data ONTAP Plugin V4.1.1.7474 on a 2012R2 Standard Server to monitor our FAS 6240 (NetApp Release 8.3.2).

The installation went smoothly and the manually discovery show no errors. After a few hours we saw everything (Clusters, Aggregates, Disks, Ports, CPU Utillization etc.),

but no volumes.

If i want to look at the ´volumes´, i see the green circle with ´loading´. We have waiting 48 hours, but nothing happens.

When i look at ´Latency/Volume Average Latency´, i see the volumes in the lower frame and can select them.

The strange thing is, if i use the Operations Manager-Webkonsole, i see all ´volumes´ (200 pieces).

Anyone has an idea?

with best regards



Re: OnCommand Plugin not showing VOLUMES

do you have dr vfiler on this system? if yes, this shoud be because DR vfilers are added with the same object ids as the source vfilers. OCPM ceases to poll volume data on the filer or vfilers because of this.


try below steps:

1. Remove all storage controllers managed via SCOM using OCPM.
2. Add either the primary OR secondary controllers, the production and DR systems cannot exist together in SCOM at this time.
3. Check volume data and confirm that counters are now displayed appropriately.

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Re: OnCommand Plugin not showing VOLUMES

Frank, it's been a while but in case you or anyone else is still having this issue... I had the same problem and resolved it by righ-clicking the "Volumes" object, clicking "Personalize View", and then clicking "Reset to Default".