OnCommand Roadmap

Is there an internal site where we (NetApp Employees) can view product roadmap information (what functionality is planned and when)? This would be helpful to have from a design stand-point. We are often called to implement a solution for customers that currently may require scripting, or other non-default configuration. It would be nice to know if the functionality is included in an upcoming release.  Another example is OCI Report. Currently, it only has an inventory datamart. Will we see performance, events, etc any time soon?

It would also be nice to know what type of enhanced GUI integration we can expect, and when, as well as planned integration features between OC products.

If this information is available anywhere, can someone send me an e-mail with links?

If this information is not available, why not?

Re: OnCommand Roadmap


Reach out to Ravi Prakash Reddy - he is the Product Manager and is the right person to give the guidance that you are looking for;

Alternatively your local CSE/Solutions Architect responsible for Storage Management will have an good idea on the short-mid term roadmap