OnCommand Unified Manager Reports

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I want to create customized reports. The Challenge is i want them to be displayed as email body and not attachments,



So when i go ahead and create a report i am getting it as text/excel/csv etc but in the form of email attachments. Is there anyway, in which i can display this in the email body itself.

I want it in below format : For eg.(I removed the cluster names for security purpose)

Generated report 'Test' at Apr 28, 2017 12:47:07 PM.




Report Output Details


Report Name: Test

Status: Success

Run by: admin

ClusterHA PairAggregateTotal Data Capacity (GB)Used Data Capacity (GB)Used Data %Available Data Capacity (GB)


Run Time: Apr 28, 2017 12:47:07 PM


Do not reply to this email. This is an automatically generated email and replies to this email address are not attended to.

Can the above be done? If yes, how?