OnCommand host and Vmware backups

Just a couple of questions that came up when setting up Vmware backups with OC host:

- Any estimate on when Protection Manager is updated to support and show the Vmware jobs correctly? Currently only start/stop and SV job steps are shown correctly. The backup steps of vm's can only be seen on OnCommand web gui.

- Is it possible to get a more detailed email report with successful/failed vm's been backed up, like with VSC? Only a very generel email report is being sent.

Re: OnCommand host and Vmware backups


      Yes, OnCommand also has events that are generated based on a protection jobs status. Below are some of the events you may be of interest.

[root@10 ~]# dfm eventtype list | grep -i dataset

dataset-backup:aborted                        Warning      dataset-backup

dataset-backup:completed                      Normal       dataset-backup

dataset-backup:deleted                        Normal       dataset-backup

dataset-backup:failed                         Error        dataset-backup

dataset-backup:prematurely-deleted            Warning      dataset-backup

dataset-protection:lag-error              Error
dataset-protection:lag-warning            Warning
dataset-protection:no-app-policy          Normal
dataset-protection:protected              Normal
dataset-protection:protection-failure     Warning
dataset-protection:suspended              Warning
dataset-protection:uninitialized          Normal

dataset-restore:aborted                   Warning  dataset-restore
dataset-restore:completed                 Normal   dataset-restore
dataset-restore:failed                    Error    dataset-restore



Re: OnCommand host and Vmware backups

Those events would only tell me if the dataset has completed backup succesfully, correct?

If I have a dataset with a NFS datastore and Vmware consistent snapshots, I can't see which individually virtual machines has succeded or failed.

In SMVI its possible to get a email with this info.

Re: OnCommand host and Vmware backups

I have been looking at a way to achieve this. Never got around of finishing anything but just to get you an idea of how to get hold of info.

Below is a cut and paste of my findings from back then.

From a command promt on the OnCommand server run “dfpm backup list”. This will obviously list all backups taken.

You have one separate backup id for each backup taken, below it is backup ids 95 and 94. 95 is the latest backup.

If you then run “dfpm backup ls –a 95” this command will show you details of this backup job.

Each row that contains this text “Virtualization.VMware.VM” will be a backup for a separate server. In this case below, it will be server vc1 and lnx1 that have a complete backup.

If the column “Restorable” says “YES” the backup have completed normal.         

PS C:\Users\Administrator> dfpm backup list

Backup Id Backup Version        Retention Type Retention Duration (in seconds)   Node Name            Description                  Dataset              Properties(Name=Value)    Matched field

--------- --------------------- -------------- --------------------------------- -------------------- ----------------------------------- -------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------

95 14 sep 2011 11:00:00  hourly         172800                            Primary data                  Dataset1            CreateVmwareSnapshot=false IncludeIndependentDisks=false

94 14 sep 2011 10:00:00  hourly         172800                            Primary data                  Dataset1             CreateVmwareSnapshot=false IncludeIndependentDisks=false



PS C:\Users\Administrator> dfpm backup ls -a 95

Member Id  Type                                Object Name At Backup               Restorable?  Properties(Name=Value)

---------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ------------ -------------------------

438        Storage.ONTAP.StorageSystem                      NO           system-id=1574126193 system-name=spica

412        Virtualization.VMware.Datacenter    STO-OFFICE                          NO

443        Virtualization.VMware.VMConfig      vc1-Virtualization.VMware.VMConfig  NO           Files=[DS1] vc1/vc1.vmx:VirtualMachine,[DS1] vc1//vc1.vmxf:Configuration,[DS1] vc1//vc1.nvram:Configuration,[DS1] vc1//vc1.vmsd:Configuration,[DS1] vc1//vmware-1.log:Log,[DS1] vc1//vmware.log:Log,[DS1] vc1//vmware-2.log:Log,[DS1] vc1//vmware-3.log:Log,[DS1] vc1

440        Storage.ONTAP.NFSExport             /vol/esx_ds1                        NO

444        Virtualization.VMware.VM            vc1                                 YES          PartialBackup=false SnapshotTakenForVM=false IsTemplate=false

442        Virtualization.VMware.VDisk         Hard disk 1                         YES          Adapter=lsiLogic Bus=0 ExcludedFromBackup=false Files=[DS1] vc1/vc1.vmdk:VirtualDisk,[DS1] vc1/vc1-flat.vmdk:VirtualDisk Id=52f89d4f-be3d-281f-487f-324e49986349:6000C293-4ac3-fb7a-1c96-cc9dc3d963dd Independent=false RawDeviceMapping=false Unit=0

406        Virtualization.VMware.Vsphere                          NO

441        Virtualization.VMware.Datastore     DS1                                 YES          PartialBackup=false DatastoreType=NFS IsOntap=true

419        Virtualization.VMware.HyperVisor     NO

439        Storage.ONTAP.Volume                esx_ds1                             NO           uuid=9cef0528-d016-11e0-af82-00a09817429a

420        Virtualization.VMware.HyperVisor     NO

457        Virtualization.VMware.VM            lnx1                                YES          PartialBackup=false SnapshotTakenForVM=false IsTemplate=false

456        Virtualization.VMware.VMConfig      lnx1-Virtualization.VMware.VMConfig NO           Files=[DS1] lnx1/lnx1.vmx:VirtualMachine,[DS1] lnx1//lnx1.vmxf:Configuration,[DS1] lnx1//lnx1.nvram:Configuration,[DS1] lnx1//lnx1.vmsd:Configuration,[DS1] lnx1//vmware.log:Log,[DS1] lnx1//vmware-1.log:Log,[DS1] lnx1//vmware-2.log:Log,[DS1] lnx1/lnx1-b13e93b6.v

455        Virtualization.VMware.VDisk         Hard disk 1                         YES          Adapter=lsiLogic Bus=0 ExcludedFromBackup=false Files=[DS1] lnx1/lnx1.vmdk:VirtualDisk,[DS1] lnx1/lnx1-flat.vmdk:VirtualDisk Id=503ca97a-109f-56e4-18d8-7fd5201bea70:6000C29c-2c01-dcbe-bb0c-67a0ff9b5ebd Independent=false RawDeviceMapping=false Unit=0

PS C:\Users\Administrator>