Oncommand System Manager License Issue

Hello Friends,

I want to enable few licenses in my Oncommand system Manager software wil you please help me for how to make enable those licenses or how to get those licenses ???

I put image of my software view....pleae share yr information..Thank you very much ...appreciate in advance....


Re: Oncommand System Manager License Issue

Hi Krupesh,

I would recommend first logging into the controller via SSH/Telnet and typing in licenseThis will show the current licenses, if any, that are currently activated.  It looks like via systems manager that no licenses are enabled but just want to be sure.  To actually see/obtain the licenses that were purchased with the NetApp filer you can easily enough go to, login and click "View Installed Products" that are associated with your login credentials.  After actually obtaining the licenses you can click add license in system manager or in command line type:  license add XXXXXX

Hope that helps,


Re: Oncommand System Manager License Issue

Hello Brad...thank you very much for yr reply...i did check on site for the option which you mentioned here " View intalled Products "...i didn't see that under my please tell me any particular option i need to check.....