Operation Manager reporting

IHAC looking for reporting on capacity planning. The info is available on OM except I can seem to find or create a custom report that fits their requirements. Is there more options via CLI vs Gui?

They are looking for 3 reports

Physical summary: ( simular to what is listed in the Appliance summary page)


Storage Controller, total size of all disk , spares disks, data disks, parity disks

Aggr usage:
Storage controller, aggr name , total aggr raw size, aggr total size (after overhead) , aggr used, aggr avail, wafl_reserve total size, wafl_reserve used, wafl_reserve_available, aggr snap reserve total, aggr snap usage, aggr snap avail

Volume Usage

Storage controller, aggr, volume, volume used/committed, vol total size, total snap reserve, snap_used,



Re: Operation Manager reporting

Yes. There are.

Below is the cli options.

           "dfm report create -R catalog -f field [ -L long-name ][ -d description ][ -D display-tab ] report-name"

           Creates a report named report-name from catalog catalog with field fields.

           long-name: The name under which the report shows in the Operations Manager.

           description: The description of the report.

           catalog: Catalog from which the fields are derived.

           field: A comma separated list of fields.

           The format of a field is field-name[ :format-qualifier[ .precision ] ][ =pretty-name ].

           To use a field from the base catalog, use field-name or base-catalog.field-name.

           To use a field from a parent catalog (fields marked with (A) in a catalog), use parent-catalog.[ grandparent-catalog. ... ].field-name or base-catalog.[
           parent-catalog. ... ].field-name

           The valid values of format qualifier for fields of the following type are:

           Bytes: A (auto-scale), B, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB.

           Time: 24H or AMPM

           Dates: Any combination of DD, MM or MMM and YY or YYYY.

           Percentages: Any number up to and including seven.

           Precision: Any number up to and including seven. This is valid only for fields of type Byte, when the scaling specified is not auto-scale (A).

           pretty-name: The name of the field as shown in the report.

Use the Base catalog and selects its parent and child catalogs to get the desired filed's

The same can also be done using the WebUI.All of the above options are available using both cli and webui.