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Operations Manager 3.6 Aggregate Reports

I am using two below aggr reports for  custom reporting Script in OM 3.7

aggregate-space-summary  and aggregates-snapshot-capacity

The Customer used  the same script for OM 3.6 and found that aggregate-space-summary does not exist,and aggregates-snapshot-capacity is empty

Anyone worked with Aggregate reports in OM 3.6 ,

if we can have these reports that work in 3.7 also in  3.6 with custom reports

if OM upgrade to 3.7  is required for these reports ?


Re: Operations Manager 3.6 Aggregate Reports

aggregate-space-summary is the report newly introduced in OM3.7. However, in OM 3.6, the same can be created using the Aggregate catalog custom fields. Let me know if you have access to the internal burt db, I can share you the burt details.

I am not sure about the other issue causing your aggregates-snapshot-capacity to be empty. Investigation is required on this.



Re: Operations Manager 3.6 Aggregate Reports

Hi srikanth,

     As saravanan said this report was introduced or rather made as a canned one starting DFM 3.7.But the same can be still created using custom reports infrastructure.

Below are the fields for the same.

[root@lnx]# dfm report view Aggr-Committed help
Aggr-Committed Report (Aggr-Committed)
Catalog Name: Aggregate

Display Tab: Aggregates

Catalog Field                                 Field Name                                    Format
--------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------
Aggregate.Id                                  Aggregate Id
Aggregate.Name                                Aggregate Name
Aggregate.StorageSystem                       Aggregate Storage System (A)
Aggregate.TotalSpace                          Aggregate Total Space                         KB
Aggregate.Used                                Aggregate Used Capacity                       KB
Aggregate.UsedPct                             Aggregate Used Capacity %                     1
Aggregate.BytesCommitted                      Aggregate Bytes Committed                     KB
Aggregate.BytesCommittedPct                   Aggregate Bytes Committed %                   1
Aggregate.DailyGrowthPct                      Aggregate Daily Growth (%)                    1
Aggregate.DaysToFull                          Aggregate Days to Full

Default sort order is Aggregate.Id.

Also i installed 3.6 and i was able to see the reports.

[root@lnx]# dfm report view aggregates-snapshot-capacity
Object ID Aggregate       Filer                               Snapshots Disabled Snapshot Autodelete Snap Reserve Total Snap Reserve Used Snap Reserve Used(%)
--------- --------------- ----------------------------------- ------------------ ------------------- ------------------ ----------------- --------------------
96        PUCKER_RAID4_01 bekham                     off                on                                   0                 0
90        aggr0               davidoff                      on                      on                                   0                 0
94        adai_juno2      chinki                          on                           on                                   0                 0
92        adai_juno1      chinki                          on                      on                                   0                 0
[root@lnx]# dfm version
dfm 3.6 (3.6R1)