Operations Manager Linux vs Windows

Anyone Used OM on both Linux and Windows for Testing ?

Customer is looking for a Comparision Between Linux /Windows in terms of Performance ,scripting ability ,leaning towards More Linux

If RedHat Linux ?


Re: Operations Manager Linux vs Windows

Scripting ability, if using a common language like Perl should not be a problem on both the platforms.

In windows we need to install Active state Perl or some similar Perl distribution.

Usually in Linux, Perl comes by default.

If the user intends to use Shell scripting, then Linux is the choice.

Performance wise, there is not much difference, although the perceived response on Linux is better.

Others can pitch in for this aspect.



Re: Operations Manager Linux vs Windows


OM(DFM) performance depends on the factors like memory, CPU, disk, network traffic and configuration (ex: monitoring intervals).

The performance difference between windows and Linux is not significant.

As Akshay mentioned - for Shell scripting Linux is the obvious choice.

If the user is using Perl, Python etc then the OS does not make any difference.

You can find details about DFM performance factors @



Re: Operations Manager Linux vs Windows


based on what I have heard ... and maybe this changes with 3.8.1 or even 4.0 is ... Windows DFM supports 4 cores and Linux DFM supports 2 cores on a CPU.

I do not know if anyone here can provide a link to a doc showing this.

Re: Operations Manager Linux vs Windows

If the customer is using Windows 2008 or Windows 7, which has a SUA (Subsystem for Unix-based Applications). It takes a little bit time to setup. But then, you can do most of Unix style scripting.