Operations Manager Permissions

I am seeing Access violations for OM Database Backups

I was however able to set schedule and take archive backups with dfm backup cli.

Also the dfm user cannot login with login ,but works  with setup->Administrative Users link ,

Could this be  any Domain Authentication/Security Issue  ?


Re: Operations Manager Permissions


As mention you are able to perform backup from CLI and you are having problems from UI.

Few queries.

- What is the exact error you get

- Are you able to perform other operations like creating schedules from UI.

- I hope you are logging with same user privileges in UI with which the CLI operation worked fine

Some suggestions as mention below

You must conform to the following guidelines when adding a new administrator to DataFabric Manager:

*For a Linux management workstation, the administrator names are the user names found in the /etc/passwd file or in the Network Information Service (NIS) server.

*For Windows management workstation, if an administrator with the same user name exists in multiple domains, you must explicitly specify the domain you want to use for adding this administrator in the format DOMAIN\user.


If a user John Smith with user name jsmith exists in engineering and sales domains, you can specify the new administrator as engineering\jsmith or sales\jsmith.

*The administrator, whose account is created using the DOMAIN\user format, must use the domain name along with the user name to authenticate to DataFabric Manager.

*If this user maintains different passwords for different domains, he or she must use the password that applies to the user account in the domain DOMAIN to authenticate to DataFabric Manager.

*For LDAP, you must enable LDAP authentication on the DataFabric Manager server and configure it to work with your existing LDAP servers before adding any users.

You can add either the short form or long form names for the users. The short form name is a simple name, such as jane or storage-admins. The long form name is the name of an entry or attributes in the LDAP directory, depending on your LDAP settings.

Administrators can use either form of the name to authenticate to DataFabric Manager.

If the problem persists can you kindly provide following output

- dfm user list

- dfm user role list -x



Re: Operations Manager Permissions


This is the error we are seeing for login and database backup

Access violation The instruction at 0x7100be2c tried to read memory at 0x000003

>I hope you are logging with same user privileges in UI with which the CLI operation worked fine

Yes ,we actually had the same issues right after the OM 3.7.1D21 install with Windows Administrator User account,

We then used the Storage User admin account and see the same issue,

So we did use the same user to login to Windows 2003 server and WEB GUI ,

Customer is using windows 2003 server ,

will get more user info and dfm about output ,will confirm about multiple domains

Re: Operations Manager Permissions

This message is from Windows and not from DFM, so it is probably not related to the permissions of the user in DFM. We might need the drwatson output to investigate further.