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I know there is a similar post for the beta release of Systems Manager, but I couldn't find one for Operations Manager, so wanted to start one off! Been playing with Operations Manager quite a bit this week and sorting out some problems and reports for a customer. Come across a few limitations and areas for improvements, just a couple of bullet points. Maybe if others have some suggestions this can get passed back to the dev team, or possibly I'm just missing where stuff can be done.

  • Button for email this report. I know you can schedule an email, but how about just a one off, "email this" option.
  • Copy and Edit this report. Making custom reports are often closely based on another report, and it's not always obvious which counters and details another report is using, so being able to create a custom report based on an existing pre-built report would be very useful
  • Make this report the default view. So if I have a favourite report I don't have to keep going into the section and then changing the view to see this. Yes I can setup favourites, but being able to change the default report for a particular view would be good.
  • When creating a custom report you can change what the field is displayed as. But going back to a report you have to totally remove the entry to be able to change the name. Either being able to edit the display name, or make the removed field the selected one on the left so it's easy to update and re-add back in.
  • Being able to filter the top x results. So if I schedule a report on quota usage, I might only want the top 50 users (rather than my customers 8000 getting emailed to them!).
  • Being able to filter based on a threshold, but a custom threshold. So show my all quota's that are over 110% for example or show me all volumes that are over 500g.

Just a few areas, but I'm going to be using Crystal Reports to achieve some of the filter and reporting limitations, but I'd love to have this all direct from Ops Mgr. I think v3.8 is scheduled soon, and so maybe some of these are already on the cards, or maybe they are quick additions that could be suggested?

Cheers for listening!

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For what it's worth, there was thread here on this (or fairly similar at least).

More just as a point of reference...was long enough ago that starting a new thread makes sense I think.

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Sorry, that's the post I was looking for! And there's recent activity. Ignore this, I'll repost there as it makes more sense!

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He problem...I could see a new (shorter) post thread might make sense so didn't want to shoot ya down.