Operations Manager alarm email customization

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I have a question regarding the format of Operations Manageralarm emails. I have set up email alarms for a customer’s Qtrees (qtree almostfull, qtree full). However the customer does not like the format of the emailsand would like the majority of the information in the alarm emails strippedout. An example of the email is below:

An Error event at 01 Jun16:25 Pacific Daylight Time on Qtree Restore on Volume Restore on Active/ActiveController

The qtree is 98.04% full(using 53.9 GB of 55.0 GB).

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*** Event detailsfollow.***

General Information


DataFabric Manager SerialNumber: None; this is evaluation software Alarm Identifier: 5

Event Fields


Event Identifier: 3019

Event Name: Qtree Full

Event Description: Spaceutilization of the qtree Event Severity: Error Event Timestamp: 01 Jun 16:25

Source of Event


Source Identifier: 580

Source Name:xxxxxx:/Restore/Restore Source Type: Qtree Name of the Type of the host: Active/Active Controller Hostidentifier: 76

Event Arguments


qtreeKBytesLimit: 57671680

qtreeKBytesUsed: 56540660

qtreeKBytesPercent: 98.0389

Non Empty Comment Fields


ownerEmail: xxxx

--NetApp DataFabric Manager


Information in this messageis confidential. It is intended solely for the person or the entity to whom itis addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, you are not todisseminate, distribute or copy this communication. Please notify the senderand delete the message and any other record of it from your system immediately.


They want everything removing from the email below the texthighlighted in bold above. Is this possible to do?

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Operations Manager alarm email customization

In the 'Alarms' page, put the email id of the intended recipient in 'Page Recipients' instead of 'Email Recipients'. That should remove all the extra information.