Operations Manager and V-Series

IHAC asking what would be the "top 10" items to monitor for in ops manager when using v-series in a thin provisioned envirnemnt.

I can come up with the first few pretty easily - but wonder if we havea nything offical around best practices for monitoring and alerting?



Re: Operations Manager and V-Series

Hi Graham,

If you are looking around thin-provisioning, Operations Manager has some good monitoring and reporting mechanism. The thing about thin provisioning is customers always to keep an eye on this "overcommitment" attribute to ensure they don't run out of control - We have a custom report which provides a preety good overview of real capacity utilization vs overcommitment. You get to understand the reailty of capacity utilization on your aggregate (by calcualing the daily growth rate, used capacity, space saings if any). (screenshot 1)

You also have the capability to set thresholds on over commitment and configure email/pager based notifications (screenshot 2)

Plus, we have over-commit vs capacity utilization historical chart which can trended upto an year (screenshot 3)

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja

Re: Operations Manager and V-Series

Reporting, following are the reports of intrest for a V-Series,

[root@lnx ~]# dfm report | grep -i array

  array-luns                List of array LUNs

  spare-array-luns          List of spare array LUNs
  array-luns-aggr           summary of array luns attached to aggregates
  array-luns-aggr-storage-io-load summary of storage i/o load on the aggregate serving the array LUNs.
  array-lun-config          summary of array LUN backend configuration.
  storage-arrays            summary of storage arrays attached to storage systems.
  storage-array-ports       summary of storage array ports connected to storage systems.
  storage-array-config      summary of storage array back end configuration.
  array-luns-performance-summary performance summary  of array LUNs