Ops Manager - Aggregates Growth Reporting

We've currently got a weekly report scheduled to provide Aggregates Growth information.

I'm curious to know how the 'Daily Growth Rate' figure is arrived at.  Is this based on average growth rates over some historical period or is it literally just reporting back the growth rate over the past 24 hours?

If it's the latter, is there a way to get a report on the average growth rate over the past week/month/etc?

Thanks in advance.

Ops Manager - Aggregates Growth Reporting


Adaikkappan Arumugam said:

Daily growth rate is the slope of trend line  multiplied by number of seconds in a day.

The trend line is calculated by performing a linear regression of upto 90 days data

Quite interesting...


Ops Manager - Aggregates Growth Reporting

As stated by Daniel it is over the last 90 days, but that number can be horribly skewed by a large dump.  I hate giving out those graphs to management at times because if we have stood up a large volume that was populated quickly, then is expected to level looks like the aggregate can be full in a couple of weeks.  But the reality is that over 90 days that trend goes down to a normal growth curve and the days work themselves back out.

- Scott