Ops Manager SRM paths / servers

Hello all ... I have a question about SRM paths.

I have a customer ( Qualcomm ) that I helped install a couple of new DFM servers ( feburary ) just to perform SRM work but these servers have not gone into production yet but are performing scheduled walks.

The trick is ... the old server is still performing work, and they were going to cutover this week but the old server stopped performing walks ... could be a number of issues but that can be a different discussion.  I asked questions and found out that since feburary, they have added new paths to the old server and did not update the new ones.

The question now is ... is there a way to query the old server to get a "delta" of changes since the feb time frame.

If I were to dump all the paths and enter them into the new server, if the import contains a path already in the new server, would it over write?  cause a duplicate? would it abort the process?

Re: Ops Manager SRM paths / servers


There is a field objCreationTimestamp in the Ops Manager db which you can check to see when an SRM path was created.

The script below would dump the creation timestamp for all your srm paths (i tested with one srm path):

# dfm srm path list
ID   SRM Path                                    Schedule           Walk Status Deleted   
---- ------------------------------------------- ------------------ ----------- -----------
10229 krash:/opt                                                                 No

# for i in `dfm srm path list -q | awk '{ print $2 }'`; do echo $i; dfm details $i | grep objCreationTimestamp; done
objCreationTimestamp               2009-05-13 23:45:31.000000