Ops Mgr Backup Manager / Disaster Recovery Features

My customer is asking if they can utilize the Ops Mgr Backup Manager feature to report existing SnapVault relationships.  The current setup utilizes the "snapvault snap sched" option to kick off daily snapshots.  If we discover these relatinoships into the Backup Manager product, from what I have read, i think we will need to disable the 'snapvault snap sched' and let Ops Mgr do the scheduling.  Can someone confirm if I have my facts straight?  Is it possible to import existing relationships without making any changes to the SnapVault relationships themselves?

Also, I was under the impression that Backup Manager and Disaster Recovery tabs would be removed in a future release and replaced by Protection Manager functionality.  Can someone confirm if these features are going to stick around?  I would like to dissuade the customer from going this route in favor of using Protection Manager since it looks like the majority of our development efforts are focused on it.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Ops Mgr Backup Manager / Disaster Recovery Features

Hi Chris,

     Backup manger and Disaster Recovery Manager are EOA.

Pls ask you customer to use Protection Manger.Using PM you can import an existing relationship.

PM will take care of disabling all snap scheduling.



Re: Ops Mgr Backup Manager / Disaster Recovery Features

Thank you for the quick response.  I appreciate it!

Can you point me to an EOA announcement that I can use to share with the customer and push them to Protection Manager?

Re: Ops Mgr Backup Manager / Disaster Recovery Features


I believe the EOA is internal use only. (See attached) I have not seen a customer-ready version.