Ops Mgr processHostPrimaryAddress option

I have a system monitored with protection manager generating this message:

" truanap0006 has IP address ( which is different from the primaryHostAddress ( stored in the database. Change the IP address in the database using hostPrimaryAddress option or use global option processHostPrimaryAddress to disable this message or to select a different behavior."

I cannot find any reference to the "processHostPrimaryAddress" option except for the release notes.  I believe it needs to be added to the Protection & Provisioning Manager Admin Guide.

What are the different values for the global "processHostPrimaryAddress" option and what does it do?

Can it be added to the Prov/Prot Mgr guide?

Re: Ops Mgr processHostPrimaryAddress option

Hi Chris,

     All options are documented in the man pages.

Which can be accessed from the command line in case of linux and also from

The web-ui of Ops-Mgr.

ContorlCenter->Help-General Help and Man pages.

For your convinence I am pasting the same below.

processHostPrimaryAddress: Action to take when the Primary IP

          address of the storage system in DataFabric Managerâs database is

           different from the IP address given by the DNS. The options are

           off, warn, error

           If the option is off, check for IP address mis-match.  If the

           option is warn, check for IP address mis-match and give a warning

           if the address do not match.  If the option is error, give an

           error if the IP address do not match.

           The default value of the option is warn.