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OwnerEmail of DFM

As per the help manual from the DFM below:

7.14 How can I copy object owners on the alarm e-mails?

Specify owner's e-mail address in ownerEmail field of any object (volume, qtree, storage system etc.).

$ dfm comment set storage01:/vol0/qtree1 ownerEmail=qtree-owner@company.com
Set value for comment field "ownerEmail" to "qtree-owner@company.com" for qtree storage01:/vol0/qtree1 (1943).

This can also be done in the web GUI by navigating to the object's (qtree, volume, etc.) details then select "Edit Settings".

The owner of the object is copied on any alarm e-mail that the DataFabric Manager server sends.

I have set up the owner email for some qtrees to get all the alarms about these qtrees. But it seems doesn't work. However, I can received the alerts that setup in the alert menu, so the mail server setup should be good.

Any idea?

Terrence Lee


Re: OwnerEmail of DFM


ownerEmail comes into picture only when there is an alarm configured also. i.e. alarms are intended to alert the storage admins, and ownerEmail copies the owner (end user) of this storage object also in the alert.

Can you check if there is a matching alarm configured for the issues that you want to alert storage owners ?



Re: OwnerEmail of DFM


There should be a matching alarm configured because the user set the alarm by severity. Please refer to the attached screen-shot. This is the vol I have set up the owner email for testing. I will try to set up a particular alarm and trigger the alert for testing again.


Terrence Lee

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