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PAM monitoring?

Do any of the versions of OM support monitoring PAM hisotrical information?

I am running 3.8 ... its solid and stable here but having the ability to store historical PAM information would be wizard.


Re: PAM monitoring?

PAM information is not monitored by dfm.



Re: PAM monitoring?

Is it available in Performance Advisor at all?

Re: PAM monitoring?

I just heard Darth Vader scream .... "Noooooooooooooo!"

okay i need to find a method to store / capture PAM info for long term.

Re: PAM monitoring?

Logicmonitor detects any PAM cards installed, and monitors them for latency, hit/miss rate, etc.

The NetApp monitoring is, I think, very good.

But I'm biased.

Re: PAM monitoring?

With the stats command you can access the PAM statistics. It is all in the counter ext_cache_obj.

You can see the explanation of the counters with "stats explain counters ext_cache_obj".

Re: PAM monitoring?

Thanks Pascal for showing us the counter group to look for.

I'm running DFM 3.8.1 in the lab and if you run the NMC and look at creating a custom view in performance advisor you can see that the ext_cache_obj counter group exists along with all its sub counters.

So doesn't this mean performance advisor shoul dbe able to capture and report on historical information for PAM once a custom view is created?

Re: PAM monitoring?

Has anyone else tried this? I may try it myself but curious to hear other experiences...

Re: PAM monitoring?

Found out that NetApp give us a stats preset xml file in ontap 7.3.2+: /etc/stats/preset/flexscale-access.xml

stats show -p flexscale-access

Advantage is that you get nicer output of the most important pam statistics. There is also a preset file for the predictive caching: flexscale-pcs

I am also on DFM 3.8.1 and have not used it yet to collect PAM statistics. At the moment I am dumping 5 minute average PAM statistics to a file.  Does anyone know PAM statistics are present by default in DFM 4.0?

Re: PAM monitoring?

PAM is not monitored by DFM (Adai's response above).