Performance Advisor Hosts invisible


I have an Operations Manager 4.0.2 with Performance Advisor Management Console 3.0.2 installed. If I go to "Set up -> Hosts" I can't see any host in the hosts list. If I click in the list I can mark a host and can use all menus but I can't see the other hosts in my hosts list. Is it a known bug? I can't find information about this bug.

It isn't only a bug in one Operations Manager installation. We have 2 installations and both have the same issue with diffrent Management Console installations.

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Re: Performance Advisor Hosts invisible

I have noticed the same problem on some of our customer sites, very annoying! It has been a problem for us through 3.8, 4.0, 4.0x

I suppose it has to to with some java settings, I have tried to force the nmc to use a different (older) version but have not been succesful in doing so.