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Performance Advisor - Protocol metrics


I did a custom view in Performance Advisor to retrieve some counters on the FC protocol.
The view includes the counter "fcp_write_size_histo" that has the following sub-counters :

      • fcp_write_size_histo:0-511
      • fcp_write_size_histo:512-1023
      • fcp_write_size_histo:1K-2047
      • fcp_write_size_histo:2K-4095
      • fcp_write_size_histo:4K-8191
      • fcp_write_size_histo:8K-16383
      • fcp_write_size_histo:16K-32767
      • fcp_write_size_histo:32K-65535
      • fcp_write_size_histo:64K-131071

The view is correctly generated but the legend seems to be incomplete.

The metric for the axis Y is not present :

Can you give me the unit for the axis Y ?



Re: Performance Advisor - Protocol metrics

Hi Rom,

You can generally get more detailed information from the command line: -

toaster*> stats explain counters fcp fcp_write_size_histo

Counters for object name: fcp

Name: fcp_write_size_histo

Description: Histogram of FCP write sizes

Properties: delta

Unit: none

Size: 10 column array

Column names: 0-511, 512-1023, 1K-2047, 2K-4095, 4K-8191, 8K-16383, 16K-32767, 32K-65535, 64K-131071, > 131071

That specific counter is a diag counter and you'll need to be in diag mode to view the details.

The properties say it is a delta so it'll be the number of writes of each size since the last sample period, which looks to be every minute.