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I need some help with Performance Advisor.

My Performance Advisor in Netapp Management Console keeps data for last week.

I want to change it to a longer period of time ( one Month ), how can it be changed ?

Attached screen print.

Thanks in advance,

Eelke Hoogeboom.

Re: Performance Advisor


You can change it by going to the Hosts Menu option and then changing the Data Collection and Retention period on the Data collection tab.  Bewarned this will have a impact on the DFM server as it needs to store those samples somewhere but it should advise you what the new projected capacity should be



Re: Performance Advisor

Do note the customization of data collection is available starting 4.0 and later.



Re: Performance Advisor

You can also do this at the CLI of the DFM server.

# dfm perf data list      (see what the current retention settins are)

# dfm perf data modify help

    modify -- Modify the interval and collection details for a counter group

    dfm perf data modify [ -f ] -G <counter-group-name> [ -o <host-name-or-id> ]
                [ -s <sample-rate> ] [ -r <retention-period> ]

    Modify the interval and retention details for a counter group.
    Specify a positive number, optionally followed by a time period
    suffix to indicate seconds, minutes, hours, days, or weeks.
    The default time period suffix is seconds.
    'host-name-or-id' is mandatory for default counter groups.
    Use -f option to force the change of sample rate and
    retention period when the number of records for
    the view decreases.