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Performance Manager 2.0 Baseline reset



I was told that when Performance Manger is installed it establishes a baseline to determine if anything is behaving unusually? If this is indeed the case, is there a way to reset the baseline? I installed Performance Manger before we put any load on it and would like to use the current stable state as my baseline. 


If anything I've said isn't accurate please correct me. I'm still pretty new to this.




Re: Performance Manager 2.0 Baseline reset


if the historical data is not important for your environment I suggest you to remove and re add the cluster.

In this case a new baseline is performed.


Otherwise I don't know if there is a command to perform a baseline and if the software rebalance the baseline after weeks.




Re: Performance Manager 2.0 Baseline reset

Thanks! I'll probably go this route then. 

Re: Performance Manager 2.0 Baseline reset

The baseline or expected range is automatically modified as OnCommand Performance Manager acquires more data point. I would like to understand your use case here. Why do you need to reset the baseline?