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Performance Reports

Hi within OnCommand Report that are lots of things you can do with capacity, etc but nothing really around performance, i.e. iops Is there any way to get performance stats into Oncommand Report ? or even reports via dfm ?

If you try to enable the performance reports in dfm it says "Performance Reports are not supported in Cluster-Mode"


Re: Performance Reports

There is a performance monitor application that you can install via DFM / Operations Manager which will show you performance metrics. It works with 7-mode, but I haven't worked with Cluster-Mode so I'm only assuming it would work for that.

Re: Performance Reports

Hi Riley, I've tried to enable the performance reports via the cli with the -p option however it says this is not supported in clustered mode

Re: Performance Reports

Are you able to download and install the NetApp Management Console from Operations Manager?

Re: Performance Reports

yes, we use that it gives us a look into performance but does not let us schedule reports to be emailed out