Performance advisor - status light red

A new DFM/OpsMgr installation.Everything works fine.

First attempt to use Performance Advisor ... we get no data.

Looking at Setup->hosts .. shows Login Credentials Good, but Status column show red.

Also, cannot see and filer logical and physical data at all. What does the red light mean?

OpsMgr Options->Performance Advisor and Perf advsor is enabled.

What could be wrong?

Re: Performance advisor - status light red

This is the only error we see in a dfm host diag output

XML (http port 80)     HTTP POST - Service unavailable

what dsoes that point to?

Re: Performance advisor - status light red


It can be due to access restrictions that have been set up on the storage system with "trusted.hosts" or "httpd.admin.access" options.

These options restrict administrative access to a storage system, and cannot be overridden even if the DataFabric Manager server knows

the login/password of a storage system. Please verify following options on storage system.

[root@lnx181-93 ~]# /usr/bin/rsh -l root:*** ijaz options | grep httpd.admin
httpd.admin.access           legacy
httpd.admin.enable           on
httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable on
httpd.admin.max_connections  512
httpd.admin.ssl.enable       off on

[root@lnx181-93 ~]# /usr/bin/rsh -l root:*** ijaz options | grep trusted
trusted.hosts                *          (same value required in local+partner)



Re: Performance advisor - status light red

Could you please verify by setting host transport to   'dfm host set <host-name> perfAdvisorTransport=httpsOk'



Re: Performance advisor - status light red


Thank you for responding.

Here are my httpd settings:

[root@vmware-opsmgr ~]# rsh netapp01 options | grep httpd
httpd.access                 legacy    
httpd.admin.access           legacy    
httpd.admin.enable           on        
httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off      
httpd.admin.max_connections  512       
httpd.admin.ssl.enable       on on       

[root@vmware-opsmgr ~]# rsh netapp01 options | grep trusted
trusted.hosts                *

I had the trusted.hosts originally set to my desktop machine's IP address but reset it back to defaults to see if that made a difference.

Re: Performance advisor - status light red


Ok, I have to admit I'm confused now.  At the moment, perf monitor seems to be working.  I'm not exactly sure what change I made that made it work.  Here's a summary of what I changed, mainly based on your previous reply:

I changed trusted.hosts back to '*'.  I added the OpsMgr host to the NetApp's hosts.equiv file.  I also went back into the NetApp Management Console and went to the Hosts Setup page and reloaded the host with "HTTPS Ok" enabled and hosts.equiv disabled.  I found that if I told it to use hosts.equiv, it would fail the credential check and the XML error reported above would happen.  Didn't seem to matter if I added the OpsMgr host to the hosts.equiv file or not.

At the moment, it seems like it's working.  I'm going to have to learn a LOT more about this to get a better idea of why, though.

Jordan Klein