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Performance counters

I just installed OCSM 2.0, and I get statistics from the System tab, such as Storage Capacity and Aggr sizes.  However, I'm not getting any stats populating the Performance tab.  CPU, IO Throughput, Protocol Ops, and Protocol Latency are all blank.

Is there something I need to turn on on the filer to see these stats?  Running a FAS3140 v7.2.6.1p2


Re: Performance counters

There is nothing specific that needs to be enabled on the Storage Controller for stats to be populated in System Manager's Performance tab.

Once you click on the performance tab, it takes a while for the stats to be populated. If you observe the time scale on x-axis it updates every 20 seconds.

After some 40 secs or so you should see some activity on the graphs depending on Storage Controller's activity.



Re: Performance counters

Thanks Karthik,  I've left the tab open for several hours, and yet nothing appears. 

Re: Performance counters