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Performance graph shows wrong time zone

We are running the NetApp Management Console (2.2.1) on a Windows 2003 Server. The performance graphs seem to show data in GMT, rather than US/Central. All three of the NetApp hosts and the Windows Server running DFM are all set to the correct time.

Is there a setting i missed somewhere to get the perfomrance data to show up with the correct time?

I entered the dfm options set timezone=US/Central command from the command prompt of the Windows 2003 Server, but it seemed to have no effect.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Performance graph shows wrong time zone

Surely this is using the local time of the machine that the management console is running on? Have you tried the console directly on the DFM server?

Re: Performance graph shows wrong time zone

Wow, between the time i entered the dfm option set timezone=US/Central command, wrote the message, then uploaded the screenshot, the issue fixed itself. I just looked at the screenshot and it's showing the correct time. This was not the case prior to running the set timezone command!

Previously, the server that was running DFM reported the correct time (it's a Windows box), but the performance graphs would report the time in GMT. All i needed to do (apparently) was enter the set timezone command on the DFM server and wait!

Thanks for the help.


Re: Performance graph shows wrong time zone

Glad you got it sorted!