Procedures to rebuild OnCommand 5 Server?

Hi All,

My onCommnd 5 server has a few issues that I'm hoping a rebuild will resolve.  If I format the C drive, reinstall the OS with same same name and ip as before, reinstall onCommand Core package, and restore the db, will my other products such as onCommand host, OSSV, Snapmanager for Oracle, Snapmanager for SQL, and Snapcreator, work fine with the new mgmt server or are their exta steps I'll need to peform to ensure everything works correctly?  All of these products are configured to work with Protection Manager and we rely pretty heavily on these products to perform daily backups which are mirrored and vaulted to our DR site in order to eliminate reliance on tape.  As you can imagine, it is important to us to ensure everything previous to the rebuild is readily available and new backup continue to be taken reliablely.  Does anyone have any expericene with this and the correct procedures to ensure everything will still work correctly?



Procedures to rebuild OnCommand 5 Server?

Hi Michael,


  • Take a dfm db backup, re-image your server.
  • Make sure you will retain the same FQDN,and IP address
  • Restore the dfm db backup on the re-imaged server

Every thing should work fine as all other information are stored in the database.



Re: Procedures to rebuild OnCommand 5 Server?

Hi Adai,

Thanks for the reply. I had thought it'd probably work that way, but it is nice to have some confirmation.


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