Product Documentation for NetApp products

I am looking for documentation on configuring and installing certain NetApp products.  I only have the product numbers of the products I am pursuing.  The products are as follows:

  • DSK SHLF,24x1.0TB,7.2K,SATA,IOM3,-C,R5 (prod. # DS4243-0724-24A-R5-C)
  • SW,Advanced PK,2040,-C (prod.# SW-2040-ADVANCED-PK-C)
  • SW,CIFS,2040,-C (prod. # SW-2040-CIFS-C)
  • Srvr VrtlBndl,NetApp Select,2040,-C (prod. # SW-2040-VRTL-BNDL-C)
  • FAS2040 System Controller,-C,R5 (prod. # FAS2040-BASE-R5-C)
  • Kit,FAS2020/40,-C,R6 (prod. # X5518A-R6-C)

Thank you for all of your feedback.

Re: Product Documentation for NetApp products

Here is the link to the NetApp documentation support page.