Protection Manager 4.0 Question

Team, sorry to bother your b

usy day.

One of my customers just recently purchased lots of OM/PM licenses.

We are targeting to implement 4.0 at the customer site. Is Provisioning Manager **required** to run Protection Manager. It looks like some of the new features of protection Manager **requires** Provisioning Manager.

Could someone eduacte me on the Protection Manager features that *absolutely* require Provisioning Manager.

Thank You very much!!

Re: Protection Manager 4.0 Question

Technically, no Protection Manager does not require a provisioning license.

However, that does not matter.  As of 4.0, when you install the protection license, Provisioning Manager is automaticaly enabled.

Re: Protection Manager 4.0 Question

If you want to take advantage of policy based provisioning for primary and secondary you will need provisioning manger license as these are features of provisioning manger.

But  as pete said, as of 4.0  provisioning manger is autoenabled when protection manger license is installed.So you dont need separate license.