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Protection Manager / Snapmirror / Create Volume?

Please forgive me if this is a common question, I'm attempting to get up to speed on this DFM/Protection Manager.

Is it possible, using protection manager (DFM 3.8, on the web console) to create a snapmirror relationship, and also create the target volume and put it into restricted mode at the same time, short of either going over to Filerview by clicking on the "manage" link, or to the filer's command line?




Re: Protection Manager / Snapmirror / Create Volume?

You're mixing two solutions.  Protection Manager doesn't have a web GUI.  It's GUI is the standalone NetApp Management Console (NMC).

From the Web GUI, namely Operations Manager, you can not do what you ask.  The OpsMgr GUI doesn't have the ability to create or restrict volumes at all.  You'd have to start FilerView or the new System Manager, create and restrict the destination volume, then use OpsMgr to create the relationship.

Protection Manager can do all of this in one operation (plus some up-front setup).  Create a dataset and add the appropriate mirroring policy.  Now, either give us a new primary volume and attach a resource pool to the destination, or manually create a secondary volume, then add the new primary and secondary volumes to the dataset.  In either case, ProtMgr will take care of restricting the volume and establishing the SnapMirror relationship.

Re: Protection Manager / Snapmirror / Create Volume?

Hi Dan,

     By web console do you mean Web Ui ? Disaster Recovery Tab or the NMC (Netapp Management Console?)

If its Web UI then all volumes needs to be already created either using filerview or cli and also the destination

volume needs to be restricted. Creation of volumes and restricting the volume cannot be done using DFM.

Only Creation of SM relatiship and adding snapmirror schedule and failover policy can be done.

But in the case of PM using NMC, destination volumes are automatically created and restricted and the SM relationship is created.



Re: Protection Manager / Snapmirror / Create Volume?

Thanks. That explains it pretty well. Sorry for the terminology miscue.

Re: Protection Manager / Snapmirror / Create Volume?

Was meaning the Disaster Recovery tab.