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Protection Manager limits

Hi there,

I'm wondering how many OSSV client backups Protection Manager can handle.   I vaguely recall ni the past that 600 was about it, but I suspect it is higher now !

I can see in the documentation that it will allow 50 relationships per secondary volume.....and since we can have hundreds of volumes (200-500 depending on FAS controller), I guess the theoretical limit today is 10,000-25,000 !

Anyone know if this is correct thinking ?




Re: Protection Manager limits

Theoretically there is no limit.

But the ontap can only support 128 simultaneous OSSV relationship, anything beyond that is queued up.

As per the Sizing guide(http://media.netapp.com/documents/tr-3440.pdf) upto 400 OSSV relationship are tested.But there are customer way beyond that.

Also the nubmer of OSSv relationships per secondary volume is 50.But this is configurable.

Also its not a good idea to fan-in more than 128 OSSV rels to a destination volume as if dedupe is configured in the destination,

and since only 128 stream are available,any thing more than 128 has to wait for the previous one to compete, there by delaying the dedupe job which runs at volume level.



Re: Protection Manager limits

Thanks Adai, I must admit I hadn't seen that Technical Report: excellent :-)



Re: Protection Manager limits

Adaikkappan Arumugam wrote:

Also the nubmer of OSSv relationships per secondary volume is 50.But this is configurable.

Sorry to dig up an old thread here but you seem to be the resident DFM expert 

I'm running into a DFM limit of 50 Snapvault relationships for a single secondary volume. This is Snapvault rather than OSSV but I wonder if it's the same limit. Are you aware of how to increase the limit from 50? I know it's not an ONTAP limit. I have a tech case open anyway.