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Protection Manager "GUI Refresh"

Is there a polling interval that can be set in Protection Manager?

There seems to be a significant lagtime in my environment. (The time between creating a new volume on the filer and seeing it as an option for something like create new dataset)

I set the DFM Discovery Options -- Discovery Interval = 1min -- but that didn't seem to have an impact.


Re: Protection Manager "GUI Refresh"

Hi Scott,

The Discovery of new objects like volume happens in dfm every 15minutes by default.

By PM I assume you mean NMC just go to some other page and come back NMC must refresh and show you the new volumes.

As such today there is no polling interval in PM (NMC).



Re: Protection Manager "GUI Refresh"

You can also go to the OpsManager details page for that controller, scroll to the end and click the "Refresh" button in the "Monitoring" section.

From the command line, you can execute "dfm host discover controller-name".  That does the same thing.

Out of curiosity, where would you expect to find a "Refresh" button in NMC?  We've been talking of adding one and I want to ensure it shows up in the right place.

-- Pete