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Prov Mgr - igroup name specification

Is there anyway in provisioning manager that I can specify an igroup name to use when provisioning luns?

PM creates an igroup but I'd like to specify my own so that I can fit PM into an existing environment.




Re: Prov Mgr - igroup name specification

We don't have this facility as of now in 3.8. Rather it won't be there in 4.0 also. But it's there in roadmap.

But PM uses the exiting igroup for successive LUN provisioning in the same dataset. Hence we can always re-name the igroup.

Please let us know if this solves the purpose as workaround.


Re: Prov Mgr - igroup name specification


What is the recommended method for renaming the igroup that was created by a provisioning policy/dataset?   If you just manually rename the igroup using System Manager 2.0 or the CLI, I'm assuming it will confuse Provisioning Manager and your dataset will fail the next time it provisions.  How do you make Prov Mgr. aware of the new igroup name?

Is it possible to have a post-provisioning script rename the igroup immediately after its created?

Re: Prov Mgr - igroup name specification


Suppose your dataset name is 'abc', the igroup created on filer would be 'dfpm_abc' from provisioning manager.

now from ontap when you change the igroup name from 'dfpm_abc' to 'xyz'  and try provisioning the second time, provisioning will succeed and it will actually try creating 'dfpm_abc' again, it will not reuse 'xyz'

So you will have to give the dataset a name that you want for the igroup. There is no way to rename through Prov mgr