Provision LUN with FCP Protocol using DFM API

I have a query regarding the provisioning of LUN in an existing dataset using DFM API (dataset-provision-member).

Performed the following steps :-

1. Initially I created a dataset named as "testDS" using SAN provisioning policy with a LUN named as "testDS123". After dataset is created following LUN got created on Filer.

     LUN Path : "/vol/testDS/testDS123/testDS123"

2. Now I provision this LUN with FCP protocol using DFM API (dataset-provision-member). After this API got executed successfully, an Igroup named "dfpm_testDS" got created successfully which in turn got mapped to the LUN     whose path is "/vol/testDS_11/testDS123/testDS123".

LUN path                            Mapped to          LUN ID  Protocol


/vol/testDS_11/testDS123/testDS123  dfpm_testDS             0       FCP

The above output shows that the  newly mapped LUN is created in another volume "testDS_11" and not in the original volume "testDS".

Can you please let me know on how I can get the name/path of the newly created LUN/Volume via DFM API?

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Re: Provision LUN with FCP Protocol using DFM API

does this question fall into your team's area or is this a NetApp Support Community issue?

Re: Provision LUN with FCP Protocol using DFM API

Hi Subramaniam,

                         I am not clear on your question. Is your question why the lun was provisioned under testDS_11 and not testDS or how to list the members of a dataset  uisng API.

The following iter api will get you the members of a dataset.




esp the iter-next output array element dataset-member-info will give you the information you are looking for.

The reason for testDS_11 instead of testDS could be one of the following.

Provisioning Manager, creates a volume and keeps creating qtrees/lun inside the volume as long as the containing aggr has space or maxqtree/lun per volume count is not exceeded.

In you case you may have created 10 volume before you created the FCP lun thats why the volume name is 11. or you may have deleted object information in your dfm db thats why you are still getting 11.



Re: Provision LUN with FCP Protocol using DFM API


My question is why the LUN was provisioned under testDS_11 and not under testDS?

The 10 volumes were not created before provisioning FCP LUN. Everytime when I provision a new FCP LUN, a new volume named (testDS_1.testDS_2.testDS_3...testDS_11) get created automatically by DFM and new LUN get provisioned on this newly created volume.

Kindly suggest