Provisioned capacity vs actual capacity

Ive created a Monthly historical report using the VM cpaacity package . The "Provisioned capacity GB"  ( Amount promised to the initiator ) is always less than the VM Actual capacity GB. At this current time the provioned is 70TB and Actual is 80TB . The provisioned capacity and Actual capacity is straight from the data mart , and that column can be found in Insight. Please explain the meaning of these columns .There is no thin provisioning in our environment . I read the definition for initiator , still dont get how its less.  Also i dont see used capacity , free capacity , allocated capacity , just provisioned and actual , how do i generate reports when all the column header metrics r hard to understand , Resource used capacity , resource unused capacity , commit ratio  wtf is all this  ? can commit ratio be used to determine used space , why not just show used space in the column heading.

Re: Provisioned capacity vs actual capacity


Since you have not gotten an answer, you may want to ask this question in the NetApp Support Community.  The current customers, partners and internal Subject Matter Experts are addressing technical product questions there.


Re: Provisioned capacity vs actual capacity


From Engineering:

I need to know if this is NFS datastore and what version of datasource they are running.  there may have been a patch to fix that issue.