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Provisioning Manager autogrow/autodelete for CIFS

Why are autogrow/autodelete not available for CIFS provisioning in Provisioning Manager?


Provisioning Manager autogrow/autodelete for CIFS

Autogrow, Autodelete are not tied well with cifs i/o .

Lets say i/o is happening to a cifs share in a volume. And volume has autogrow and autodelete enabled. The volume is about to become full. In this scenario, the cifs writes can fail. Autogrow or autodelete will trigger on the volume, but they do not guarantee that space will be available in timely fashion for cifs writes to succeed.

For NFS, iscsi and FCP, autogrow,autodelete are tied to protocol i/o path. And they are triggered in a timely fashion to ensure writes do not fail for these protocols.

Because of this reason, we do not allow cifs to be enabled on datasets with autogrow,autodelete policy. For cifs, only option is to use thick provisioning. (guarantee=volume). Or complete thin provisioning (guarantee=none).


Sivaprasad K

Re: Provisioning Manager autogrow/autodelete for CIFS

The ONLY place we are prevented from using the autogrow feature and the CIFS protocol is when we provision a dataset through provisioning manager and use a NAS policy where autogrow/autodelete are set. Why do System Manager and the CLI allow us to set these features AND make use of the CIFS protocol?

Re: Provisioning Manager autogrow/autodelete for CIFS

Provisioning Manager tries to prevent such things, that being the reason why it doesn't allow.Ideally this restrictions should be removed from Provisioning Manager depending the version of Data Ontap on which its fixed.