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Proxy installation fails


I'm working on a POC (it's a different POC than my previous post) and we cannot install the proxy. Basically, the setup is launched successfully (with java webstart 6 update 30 32 bits) but during the installation process we get this error:

The firewall is stopped. The IP is right. We haven't any idea why it's not working. We are using the last GA version of Balance (posted the last week).

Anybody has any hints ?




Re: Proxy installation fails

Hi Mathias,

Most likely root cause: Right click the browser and "Run as Administrator" and then retry the proxy installation.

Make sure UAC is disabled if this is a Win2k8 server

Make sure DFM is not installed and running on the same server.

With best regards,

Don Bourque

OnCommand Insight SE

Re: Proxy installation fails

Hi Don and thanks for your reply.

I forward your answer and I'll let you know.