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QUESTION - Is there an event or event class for Snap Lock?

Hello all

I am looking into reports and events on DFM to help with snaplock volumes - there are three fields in DFM that show the general properties but none that show the properties if snap lock is engaged.  It would be neat to have a report that shows this output and even better if it were to generate an event when the WORM state is engaged.

FILER*> vol status -w filersrm

         Volume Expiry Date

         ------ -----------

       filersrm Fri Oct 12 07:31:47 GMT 2040


Re: QUESTION - Is there an event or event class for Snap Lock?

Hi Emanuel,

As per the documentatio, it is possible. Under the volume-details page, you should be able to see the following info:


Indicates the type of SnapLock solution in use:

SnapLock Compliance
Provides WORM protection of files while also restricting the storage administrator's ability to perform any operations that might modify or erase retained WORM records. SnapLock Compliance should be used in strictly regulated environments that require information to be retained for specified lengths of time, such as those governed by SEC Rule 17a-4.

SnapLock Enterprise
Provides WORM protection of files, but uses a trusted administrator model of operation that allows the storage administrator to manage the system with very few restrictions.

Note: Applies only when a SnapLock solution is installed on the storage system. SnapLock is an attribute of the volume's containing aggregate.

Hope that helps

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja

Re: QUESTION - Is there an event or event class for Snap Lock?

Yes i see that on the details page but it is not telling me that the volume is already in a WORM state.  It shows which flavor we are using but it does not show that the WORM is active.

If ... at all possible ... we can see a WORM state engaged, then we can event for it and then create an alarm for it.

Re: QUESTION - Is there an event or event class for Snap Lock?

First we dont have any snaplock related  events in Operations Manager.

We only report on 3 things about snaplock in operation manger.

[root@lnx~]# dfm report catalog list -R volume | grep -i snaplock
SnaplockMinPeriod                   SnapLock Minimum Retention Period
SnaplockDefaultPeriod               SnapLock Default Retention Period
SnaplockMaxPeriod                   SnapLock Maximum Retention Period