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Qtree management

Retention policy on Qtree level – Requirement is that while making Qtrees on Netapp filers required for Temp purpose, admin should get an option to specify the retention period with User Email. Application should trigger Email to the mail ID specified on Qtree before 10 days and delete the Qtree from filer after retention period gets over


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In your requirement, which NetApp product you are referring to, is it Data ONTAP or Provisioning Manager ?

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Looks similar to the OSSV product.. what is the extact product and OS

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This is want I want to achieve. So what ever product or soultion helps achieve this,I am ready to consider.

To give you background of this case, we are revamping our infrastrure and planing to buy FAS 6080 .

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I am also looking for something similar.  I would like to be able to set a 30 day retention policy on a volume.  Any files that has not been touched in 30 days delete.

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its an old thread, still... DFM/Operations manager may be possible candidate here..

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This is not possible with OM directly, but can be achieved, using the NHA, which give details about the file  last accessed and things.

Once this report is generated using NHA use dfm and NMSDK to delete those files from the volume.