Question:Template for Aggr options

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I want to crate template with the below aggregate options.Can somebody help me on this?.

aggr options aggr0





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Any one know how to create this above template?.I stuck in one workflow due to this.

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The aggregate options are not part of aggregate dictionary entry.

How did you add the options to aggregate template?



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I didn't add.My requirement is just to add above options on aggregates which are going create in future.

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  In templates, we can assign values to the corresponding dictionary entries attributes.

So if we want to assign the options to cm_storage.aggregate template, those attributes should be part of the cm_storage.aggregate dictionary entry first.

Currently the options you have mentioned are not part of cm_storage.aggregate dictionary entry definition.

  If we want to have this new attributes in the template, we need to first clone and create a custom aggregate dictionary entry.

1. Clone the existing cm_storage.aggregate dictionary entry to create a custom dictionary entry(aggregate_custom)

2. Add the options parameter to the dictionary entry(as non-cacheable)

3. Now you should be able to create a template for the dictionary entry aggregate_custom with values for options parameters.

4. Use this custom dictionary entry for the commands/filters/finders later.