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Quota notification email

Is it possible for a filer to send out an e-mail directly to the user, when they reach soft/hard quota limit? A script, perhaps?

Examples and guides would be most welcome!




Re: Quota notification email

Hi lgor,

I am not sure about scripts or filer.  But we have a product called Operations Manager (part of DFM suite) that can do more than what you expect.

The below are the events Operations Manager can generate right today after monitoring your storage system's quota setup:
















Re: Quota notification email

Helo Saravanan,

Yes, I'm looking at DFM right now. It looks a bit complicated to navigate and configure. Under Setup menu, parameters regarding quota notifications can be found in Default Thresholds, Events And Alerts and Users. And you can also choose a specific qtree, and click on Edit Quota Settings and work there. This discussion here also mentioned having to create notification groups and it seems it's not very easy to grasp...

Other than this guide http://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/DFM_win/rel371/pdfs/opsmgr.pdf is there any other document describing step-by-step setup for user quota alerts?

P.S. Just a thought... since Operations Manager is a part of Base Pack software pack, this may work for users which have purchased NetApp recently. Old users may not have that option.

Re: Quota notification email

Need to create an email account for the user in DFM.  domainname\username email address is blahblah@domain.com  This is in quota user settings.  I can send a screenshot if you like.

I would like to change the default email address from the sender of the email notification.  Right now, emails being sent to users come from "IT Administrator".


Re: Quota notification email

A screenshot would be helpful, thanks!


Re: Quota notification email

I didn't read the linked articles but we're doing quota notifications with DFM. See the "dfm quota mailformat" command - it allows you to specify an email template file, and in that file you can specify your own mail headers. For example, at the top of the file I have:

     From: <abc@xyz.com>

     Subject: Your personal drive is nearing its quota limit

     email content.....

You place the desired sender's email address in the From: field.

Re: Quota notification email

Thanks rmarwood..  I will try that.

igor, see attachment.

Re: Quota notification email

Hi Igor,

I have given step-by-step procedure below which you can use to configure quota alerts for individual users.

1=> Set your email server @ Setup -> Options -> Events and Alerts

2=> Look at the default quota thresholds @ Setup -> Options -> Default Thresholds

3=> Set your e-mail domain-name @ Setup -> Options -> Users. You can leave this field empty if you specify complete e-mail address at User settings page @ step7.

4=> Check that you set the credentials for the storage systems (which have user quotas) being monitored in DFM using dfm host set <storage system> hostlogin=xxxx hostpassword=xxxx. This is needed for the discovery of User quotas. Once the credentials are set, re-discover the storage system using 'dfm host discover <storage_system>'. This is required to keep DFM to have up-to-date information with respect to storage system.

5=> Wait for few mins (till userquotas mon completes) and launch "User Quotas All" Report (Go to Control Center -> Home -> Group Status -> File SRM/Quotas -> Report -> User Quotas, All)

6=> "User Quotal, All" page will show you all the usernames for whom quotas are configured.

7=> Click on one of the Usernames which will launch "User Details" page. Click "Edit Settings" link available in the bottom panel "QuotaUser Tools". It will launch "Edit User Settings" page where you can specify the e-mail address for the user.

8=> You need to repeat the above step for all the users. If you are not comfortable with UI, you can do this using CLI.

dfm quota user list
dfm quota user set <username> userEmail=abc@xyz.com

A simple script might help you here.

Hope these steps help you to fix your problem.



Re: Quota notification email

Thanks for the reply Saranavan,

I'll give it a try today!

One thing though... while testing quotas, I noticed that FilerView immeditelly registers when some exceeds their quota. However, DFM doesn't... it's only after I manually issue "dfm host discover <storage_system>" command that it registeres the change, and even than it'll be after a few minutes.

Is there a way to have DFM keep up with the changes in real-time, automatically?



Re: Quota notification email

Since DFM uses SMTP for communicating with storage, could this be a SMTP issue?