Quota options

We are utilizing an S500 for user home drives with quota management. How would we give helpdesk staff the ability to increase quotas without giving administrative access to the whole device?

Re: Quota options

There aren't many clean options for this. You could regulate access to the /etc/quotas file via permissions so they could edit it, then create a user on the controller that only has access to the quota command using the RBAC funtionality.

A cleaner, but more complicated way would be to write a program/script that uses the

that does exactly what you want. I'm not aware of one that's already written though so you'd have to be comfortable writing code to go this route (thus it's potentially more complicated).

I'm not sure if Operations Manager can use RBAC to that granular level, but if it could, that would be an option. I'll let others comment on that if they know.