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Hi,  SANscreen v6.1.3, trying to configure RAU.  https://:443 works fine.  Installation success, SANscreen Acq running, did 'net start' and successfully completed.  Unable to see the entry in my SANscreen server Acquisition Units.  Kindly help.  Regards, John Jr.



https://ipaddress:443 works fine to launch sanscreen portal


The RAU host needs to be able to resolve the SANscreen server hostname to an IP.

Does https://sshostname

work on the RAU? I'd suspect not


Hi Ostiguy, have included the sanscreen server host name into the hosts file, so this works fine. does any special configuration needed? or anything with the domain, or subnet ?  Regards, John Jr.


No, the RAU simply needs IP connectivity to TCP 443 (or whatever the SANscreen server's https port is configured as), and the ability to resolve the simply host name to the appropriate IP address.

Data source service packs must be applied to RAUs as well as SANscreen servers - this ensures their framework code level, as well as supporting infrastructure (MIBs, any scripts) are consistent with the server code level



Hi Matt, 

This is what I tried and the results: 

I did a -> and the sanscreen server is accessible on this port in my RAU server.

I checked with netstat -aon  -> Found that there is an entry for this IP TCP listening. Which means my RAU server is listening to the sanscreen server on port 443. 

But when I go back to sanscreen server, and check in acquisition unit, the RAU unit is not listed.

However, to my surprise, when installed RAU to a local machine (just to test) residing in the same domain, it gets registered within no time. Which means my RAU and SANscreen servers are running on same server code level.


My RAU server is well configured and has complete internet access. 

The port 443 is free and able to listen to sanscreen server. 

Have met the software and hardware requirements 

Hope this data might help. 

Regards, John Jr.


On the failing RAU, what does the ../sanscreen/acq/log/acq.log look like?


Matt the log files read like this... 

2011-07-20 12:20:39,454  INFO [main] com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.mgmt.CertificateDownloader (CertificateDownloader.java:84) - CertificateDownloader - Need to download and install certificate for IP 

2011-07-20 12:25:39,954 ERROR [main] com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.Main (Main.java:68) - Main - failed to start services: Failed to start acquisition - Failed to connect to server for 300000 seconds 

com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.FrameworkException: Failed to start acquisition - Failed to connect to server for 300000 seconds 

Caused by: com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.FrameworkException: Failed to connect to server for 300000 seconds 

Caused by: com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.FrameworkException: Failed to lookup session AcquisitionFacadeSession  2011-07-20 15:42:19,618 ERROR [Thread-2] com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.Main (Main.java:317) - Main - Stop listener thread existed! 2011-07-20 15:44:19,618 ERROR [main] com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.Main (Main.java:240) - Main - Failed to signal acquisition service to stop... java.net.SocketException: Connection reset

Hope that helps. 

Regards, John Jr.


The RAU looks like it gave up attempting to reconnect - try restarting the SANscreen Acq service

If that doesn't work, I am guess that when you installed the RAU, you told the installer the SANscreen server name was It may not like that.

To remediate, either reinstall the RAU or

on the RAU machine, run regedit

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\SANscreen Acq\Parameters

There is a parameter in there that will have in it as a string. Change that to the hostname of the SANscreen server, and restart the SANscreen Acq service


Matt, I could resolve the issue with the help of my network admin by doing a DNS lookup. Thanks,  Regards, John Jr.