Real time alert


I'm trying to find a product that could alert me by email or SMS about the space available in my Netapp volumes.  I would like to configure warning and critical treshold, but I also want to receive messages when it get back to normal.  If this application would produces reports too, it would be great.

I found that Operation Manager could answer my needs, but I want to know if I can configure some kind of alerts in System Manager.  Any advices are welcome.

Thank you.

Re: Real time alert


OnCommand would let you do that. You even have reports in OnCommand.

AFAIK you cant do that with System Manager.



Re: Real time alert

Filer sends SNMP traps in all these cases. Is it not enough for alerts?

Re: Real time alert

Definitely operations manager the route for this…

System manager doesn’t really provide this…

SNMP traps are possible, but tend to be more difficult to configure and require somewhere to report to.

Operations manager also has extensive reporting facilities.

Definitely the way to deliver what you need.

Re: Real time alert

If this is your requirement then you have to check out OnCommand (Operations Manager) (OnCommand core package 5.0).

OM can also receive SNMP traps sent from filer (anyways if you set an snmp trap in filer you would need some third party tool to receive the traps elsewhere).

Reporting feature is good, you can schedule reports for your volumes so that you keep getting mails in the interval you specify with all details on the volume .