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Report Creation help


I would like help creating a report (template) that does the following:

Created a report for showing different disk types. I want to modify the report so that it also segregates the total for each disk type for the whole environment, like how much in total we have FCAL, SAS, SATA, etc for whole environment whereas now it’s only summarizing for total capacity. Probably if we can create different columns for each disk type, then it might be easy to do that calculation.

The goal is to identify each controller, if it has SAS, SATA, FC disk, then subtotal each controllers usage of that disk type PLUS provide a global total by disk type.




Re: Report Creation help

Hi Matt,


    Were you looking into a report like below one.

Re: Report Creation help

Yes, this would be right.  And one more thing displayed.  A column that showed "total SAS" and "total FCAL" and "total SATA" that would for example add all the FCAL capacities for ddisk01 and ddisk02 (in yoour example).


Re: Report Creation help


      I think below is the one that you are looking for.

The only difference between two reports were

  • First report (posted in earlier reply) gives you disk capacity at each disk type for each storage system.
  • Second report gives you disk capacity at each disk type in your  environment

Re: Report Creation help

Hi vmaddi,

I was working with Matt on this one. I think the report you suggested helps getting the necessary. Thanks !!