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Resetting Data Motion status for vFiler in Prov Mgr

I have a customer that started an offline data motion migration for a vfiler via Prov Mgr, and then decided that they wanted to cancel it.  The cancel operation via Prov Mgr did not seem to work right away, so they aborted the snapmirror transfers and manually destroyed all the volumes and the migration vfiler on the secondary system.  Prov Mgr now shows a status for the migration on this viler as "started, cutover required".   If we try to cancel the migration via Prov Mgr now, it says:

Error: Failed in the dry run to cancel migration of 138175. Reason: There is no volume named '184692'.

We have also tried to reset this by running dfpm migrate fix, but that just says:

Error: Failed to fix migration. Reason: No jobs to fix.

Any ideas on how we can get the migration status for this vfiler back to normal, from a Prov Mgr perspective?  Thanks!



Re: Resetting Data Motion status for vFiler in Prov Mgr


I had the similar issue and what I did is used the command line , twice

dfpm migrate cancel vfiler-name-or-id

Later , offlined and destroyed the left over volumes manually. Then set the status of the Vfiler to ,

dfpm migrate status -c not_started <vfiler-name-or-id>

It actually worked for me. Let me know if this works .